Seve D. Kim

3 Questions to Ask For a Lean Wardrobe

I managed to survive the Memorial Day Weekend sales without buying anything.

I find myself getting caught looking at the novel and new items that get released every season. But to keep my closet lean, I have to apply logic to the emotional urge of consumption. Before you hit “add to cart”, ask yourself these questions to ensure your purchase is a sound one.

  1. Is this something I need or something I want?

An obvious way to filter out unnecessary purchases is asking yourself the purpose of this. If winter approaches but don’t have clothes to keep you warm, purchasing a coat or jacket is reasonable. On the other hand, if this is your 5th pair of sneakers it might be worth reducing before checking out.

  1. How often will I wear this?

So this item is something you need, but how frequently will it be used? I contemplate whether I should own a nice suit as it’s only once or twice a year that I actually take it off the hanger. For items that have one-off occasions, maybe considering renting or borrowing from a friend will suffice.

  1. Does this pair well with other items in my wardrobe?

A big challenge with expanding your wardrobe is not falling victim to the Diderot Effect. A new shirt that doesn’t match will have you on the hunt for the next thing. It can help to ensure your staple clothing pieces are versatile in style and color before you branch out in adding more.

First published on June 3, 2021