Seve D. Kim

How Might Shipping Atomic Products Grow PMs?

As a product manager, I want to practice shipping products in a small and short way, so that I can grow and learn my product skillset.

Writing atomic essays within 250 words every day has been such a great impact on my writing abilities and confidence. I started to think, why can’t this same framework and principle be applied to those aspiring, new, or wanting to better their skills as product managers? I had found that reading books and some of the courses I’ve taken on product gave me perspective but it wasn’t until I actually got hands-on and did the thing.

This not only goes for understanding the foundations of product management but a great exercise for us falling victim to the build trap or waterfall-like processes. Timeboxed discovery, design, and shipping something in a defined timeframe provides the constraints needed to force you to ship. As PMs, shipping and getting feedback from your users is going to be more important than a continuous iteration of the design and build steps.

The thing I’ve learned about the atomic essay framework is that sometimes you write some trash and ugly posts, and that’s okay. I think we should allow ourselves to be comfortable with shipping bad things that fail or don’t solve the problem we set out to do. That’s how we gain insights and understanding of how to iterate or what to solve next.

I’m asking for feedback from the Product community on how might we learn and grow by doing?

First published on June 9, 2021