Seve D. Kim

How To Make More Space For Learning

We all want to grow and learn more but sometimes making the room for it is challenging.

I found that I wanted to designate a specific time for just heads-down learning. Every Saturday I would try to go to a coffee shop to just isolate myself in a book and burn through the pages for the next few hours. The issue with that is that its not sustainable.

A principle I follow is to add small iterative ways to reach your outcomes.

There are small moments throughout the day that are plenty of time to learn. Take for instance when you’re in the shower or say making breakfast. You can find a podcast or audibook to listen to as you stay hands free or complete the task you’re doing. No task too small. In the early mornings and evenings I have a bit of uninterrupted quiet time which makes perfect moments to crack open a book and get a few pages in.

I use to think that you needed to learn about a single topic and read all the books on it.

This is definitely one way but I’ve personally burned myself out just the same way you’d get tired of eating the same meal every day. Diversifying your learning over different topics keeps things a bit more new and novel. I am experimenting with reading different books over the course of a month and see what yields.

Learning comes in different forms and shapes and just takes a bit of experimenting to find what works for you.

First published on June 8, 2021