Seve Kim

My Personal Manifesto

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Be kind People remember how you made them feel. Whether a grand or trivial gesture, kindness always improves the outcome.

Be present Ground your mind and body into this very moment. Time and energy are wasted unless it’s fully focused on what’s happening right now.

Start with the end A goal is an end state and that end state. That end state needs to be understood before you make any moves.

Take the path of most curiosity The best paths I’ve taken have been the ones that are driven by my intrinsic motivation.

Teach others how to fish by fishing with them Empowerment of others comes not only from describing how, but showing up and being there with them.

Here for a good, long time You can have both a good time and a long time. Make sure your decisions today consider both.

Make space for feelings There’s always a place for reason and logic, but that does not negate how we’re feeling.

Be firm with your boundaries If you don’t set clear boundaries or thresholds, someone else will set them for you.

Success favors consistency Small behaviors invested thousands of times results in unimaginable return.

Fly your own flag Thinking critically for yourself will sometimes yield a contrarian, non-conforming perspective. It is better to be against the current and free than a blind sheep following the crowd.