Seve D. Kim

Unapologetic Style

“I spent so much of my life and career doing what other people wanted me to do or try to fit in a space… It’s just so sick to be yourself.”

-Jonah Hill

Your Birkenstock clogs and fleece sweatpants were out of frame on your zoom calls, but now we get a chance to show off the full fit. While comfort may have been key to our incubation period, it’s come to a point to retire the WFH uniform. Those burnt out weeks of working from your couch, times of solace and meditation in a cramped space, scrolling pages of Grailed were not wasted on just anything. Maybe you’ve spent this quarantine whittling down your closet to the core pieces of what still represents you (and the extra quarantine weight). This period of hibernation has earned you an opportunity of reinvention.

But not for what’s trending on TikTok or what would impress your office colleagues. Today is the moment where you have the opportunity to get that dyed pixie cut you’ve been wanting to try or the stonewashed straight-legged denim you bought but has been rotting at the bottom of your drawer. Whatever the change might be, give yourself the permission to forgo the expectations of your peers, your clan and society. What is that style you’ve always wanted to rock but the judgement of others prevented you? What’s going to give you that energy and reason to go outside? The worse that could happen is you get made fun of or maybe it doesn’t fit the way you expected. Just make sure to keep the receipts.

If there were any point in history where it would be socially acceptable to experiment with something new, it’d be right now.

First published on May 7, 2021