Seve D. Kim

3 Key Takeaways From Writing Every Day for 30 Days

For the past 5 years, I’ve been wanting to pick up writing.

I hadn’t realized until taking on this challenge that in order to start something, you have to actually start. Today marks the 30th day of writing every day. I’ve reflected and distilled 5 of my key takeaways from actually starting and doing what I’ve been meaning to do for the past 5 years.

1. Before Producing Quality, You Must Start With Quantity

As one of the biggest perfectionists I know, putting my writing out into the world is one of the scariest things. But as an early writer, your learning rate depends on the speed of your feedback loop. The higher the volume and consistency you put out, the quicker you’ll understand how to produce better writing.

2. Habit Adoption Succeeds When You Start Small

It may sound odd, but putting limits to how many words you write and the time you write for is incredibly productive. Constraints like these keep your ideas and concepts small enough to complete consistently. Just as it’s more sustainable to do 10 pushups/day rather than bench 10x your weight per week, constraints make the habit of writing easier to keep up.

3. Writing For You & Writing For Your Audience

There were a few essays I was excited and jazzed to share out. But as I saw the engagement of those posts drop, I recognized that maybe it resonated with me more than others. On the other hand, topics that were me giving an intro to APIs or telling the story of my rocky career journey, I found more impressions, shares, and feedback. Writing has allowed me to reflect and have a dialog with myself which has its own benefits. Likewise, writing can also strike a chord with those that read it. These are not mutually exclusive but it pays to understand the differences.

I started these 30 days craving a medium to express and create. What I would tell myself back then and those wanting to start writing is to start. Put something out today that’s small, messy, and just for you.

First published on June 13, 2021